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We understand that you may be nervous to ride an e-bike, even if it's not your first time riding. We assure you that you'll be in great hands with EZ Electric Bike Rentals. Our number one goal is safety. We will fit all riders to an e-bike that is fitted to you, according to height, weight, and skill level. Even if you have no experience on an e-bike, we'll teach you how to ride. After your lesson and as long as you can demonstrate the ability to operate the e-bike before your rental or tour begins, you'll be able to join your group!

Start your booking online. We offer several options for both hourly rentals and guided tour rides. Our BOOK NOW button is an easy way to reach our booking options. You can also visit the BOOK option in our main website menu.

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Upon arrival, you will begin by visiting our front desk. Here, you will complete the Renter Release & Waiver Liability Form. During this time, we will also review any coverage and upgrade options with you.

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After all sign-up processes have been completed, we will bring your reserved e-bike or e-scooter to you and show you how to operate the vehicle. If you want to practice, we'll send you around the block to get comfortable on the bike.


We want to make sure that you're comfortable no matter what. For this reason, we offer a variety of different sized e-bikes, as riders vary in height and weight. We assure you that we have an e-bike to fit your body. For those that do not own a bike helmet, we make sure that all riders are equipped with the proper gear to keep you safe. Lastly, depending on the size of the group for tours, we will include anywhere from 1-3+ tour guides, to ensure maximum safety for everyone. That means that you'll have a guide in the front, a guide making sure that everyone is riding safely, and a guide blocking traffic for the group.
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All rentals and tour rides include your e-bike of choice. We have also equipped many of our vehicles with state-of-the-art foam seats to keep you comfortable. We have bikes to fit any rider's needs.

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Our number one goal is safety for all riders. We recommend all riders wear a helmet. All rentals and tour rides include the use of a helmet. You may also bring your own!

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All guided rides include anywhere from 1 to 3 tour guides. This is based on the number of riders within the group. Our tour guides know all of the best places in Wilmington to visit so feel free to ask them questions!