Booking Terms



I understand that all motorized vehicles are either 2 or 4-wheeled electric powered machines which can achieve speeds of over 20 miles per hour (and higher speeds while on a declined surface), and can suddenly accelerate, turn, and/or lose control, depending upon my operation, terrain, and/or weather conditions. I AM AWARE THAT USE OF MOTORIZED VEHICLES MAY BE HAZARDOUS, AND I HAVE ELECTED TO VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATE IN THIS ACTIVITY WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE, ACCEPTANCE AND ASSUMPTION OF ANY AND ALL RISKS OF PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. I acknowledge that the motorized bicycle must be at all times operated in a reasonable, safe and prudent manner. I acknowledge that failure to observe and abide by our rules and regulations may unreasonably or unnecessarily endanger life, limb and property.



      1. Reservation must be paid in full to guarantee rate and rental date(s).
      2. Reservations may be non-refundable. Please reference our Cancellation Policy to learn more.
      3. All renters must participate in an orientation before taking their vehicle from EZ Electric Bike Rentals. This orientation includes instructions on how to start the vehicle, how to stop the vehicle, how to operate the vehicle, how to keep your vehicle safe, and more.
      4. The renter is responsible to bring back all rented vehicles to the EZ Electric Bike Rentals location. All renters must monitor battery life to ensure that all vehicles come back to EZ Electric Bike Rentals.
      5. All renters/attendees must be able to ride a bicycle. We are able to teach an individual how to ride an e-bike, but we cannot teach any individual how to ride a bicycle (if they have never ridden one or have not ridden one in the past 5+ years). Any tour attendee who arrives and cannot demonstrate the ability to operate their vehicle, thus not able to join a tour, will only be granted a 50% refund. We do not offer any refunds to those who willingly choose not to join a tour within 48 hours of the reservation date and time.