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E-Bike Bar Crawl

Thursday-Saturday @ 8pm

Why drive or spend money on Uber to explore a city? We know that bar hopping is one of the main activities to do in Wilmington, but why not add some adventure into the mix as well? E-biking is a great experience during the day, but at night, it adds an element of fun and adventure - something that the daytime cannot offer.

This tour is a unique experience for those who want to do just that... have an adventure e-bike ride to see the area and partake in Wilmington's nightlife scene. Wilmington is full of bars and pubs, but also has a handful of truly hidden gems to venture into at night... and we want to show you some of them! Add to that a fun and interesting way to travel from place to place... after all, who wouldn't want to roll up in a group on e-bikes and park right in front, VIP style? Even for non-drinkers, this is a great tour. Grab yourself a delicious mocktail and join this tour!

During this tour, we will e-bike a total of 11-12 miles. Along the way, we'll be stopping in some of the area's most iconic bars... a good mix of bars, breweries, and lounges. Whether they are known for their high-end cocktails and craft beers, delicious menus, energetic entertainment, or you've seen them in a movie or television show, these places are worth it.

We will be spending approximately 30-40 minutes per stop. All tour attendees must be 21 year of age or older and must drink responsibly. We reserve the right to end your tour early if you are too intoxicated to operate the vehicle. All tour attendees must arrive 20 minutes prior to start time.

Total Time: 3 hours
Total Distance: 11-12 miles of riding
Biking Time: 60 minutes